Summer Private Programs for Group Class Students

 This option is convenient if you are taking lots of trips this summer and need very flexible scheduling. The student will work with the teacher individually, using lesson materials that will be chosen to suit each student's unique needs. The student can learn music to keep minds sharp and hands strong for piano, whether it's classical tunes, popular tunes, traditional tunes, or anything else the student has an interest in learning. The schedule will be based on the student's availability. Please contact the MSC office for schedule and fees, then register online. Students can sign up for 4-week, 6-week, 8-week or more lessons. 

No classes are currently scheduled.


 ** 30 mins lessons :  $136 (4 lessons),   $204 (6 lessons),   $272 (8 lessons), $340 (10 lessons), $408 (12 lessons)

 ** 45 mins lessons : $196  (4 lessons),   $294 (6 lessons),   $392 (8 lessons), $490 (10 lessons), $588 (12 lessons)