Student Awards 2014

MTAC Composer Today Recital (12/6/2014) 

Mehul Paparaju, Nora Glick, William Dunne, Braeden Ingram, Bella Greenamyer, Koholin Sekizawa, Benjamin Flin 

 Watch Video here :

 Koholin Sekizawa : Scherzo in C Major ,  click HERE 

 Benjamin Flin : Coniunctio , click HERE

Braeden Ingram : Five O'Clock , click HERE




2014 Fall Festival (Dance) Recital (11/8-9)

 Medal : Vamsi Chilamkur, Piper Brandy, Siddharth Chilamkur, Maya Brandy, Claire Hays, David Zhang, Anthony Zhao, Braeden Ingram, Alejadro Johnson, Madison Omsby, Zoe Poppenga

Trophy  : Alexander Di, Meghan Munagala, Esther Chan, Cecilia Dugyon, Anthony Zhao (Violin), Max Hays, Tiffany Chan, Tselmen Anuurad

 Watch video here:

 Taiga Sekizawa : Odeon (Tango Brasileiro)

 Kohlin Sekizawa : Grande Valse Brillante in E-flat Major, Op.18


Congratulations! National Piano Guild awards certificates to Davis pianists .  

The National Guild of Piano Teachers awarded certificates to 150 piano students, ages 5 to 20, from 13 piano studios in Davis, during a live audition at Music Stream Center. Nine local pianists received top honors.                                                                                            

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*Students award winners from the 2014 National Piano Guild competition are, back row, from left, Jezreel Real, Jang Shing-Lin, Kenna Guy and Zachary Hertz. In the front row, from left, are Eugenea Raychaudtiuri, Suleikha Sutter, Hannah Hertz and Ariel Chien. Not pictured is Victor Choi. Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo 

Music certificates of merit presented to young Davis musicians   

 MusiciansW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Honored young musicians are, standing, from left Daniel Zhu, Victor Choi, Julian Fuchs, Kenna Guy and Alan McMurdie. Seated, from left, are Joseph Wang and Ariel Chen. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo



Annual Davis High School Orchestra Concerto Competition 

Congratulations to Music Stream Center's student Victor Choi for winning this year's annual Davis High School Orchestra Concerto Competition! He was one of the 7 instrumentalists that performed in the DHS Brunelle Performance Hall on January 15th.  Victor performed Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 2. in the competition. He will receive a scholarship of $300.

As the winner, he will be given the honor of performing with the DHS Symphony Orchestra at the Mondavi Center in Jackson Hall at the Wennberg Music Festival on Saturday, March 15, at 2:30pm.  You can buy tickets online, by call, or at the ticket office.  To see the info, click HERE.


*Victor Choi at piano