Private Music Theory and Ear Training

Program Features

All ages, levels, and interests

Our faculties are trained to teach students of all ages, levels and musical interests. We have instructors who specialize in teaching very young beginners and students with casual musical interests. We also have instructors who specialize in progressive learning for advanced students. We are here to make sure students at all ages, levels, and interests receive quality music lessons and have a rewarding music learning experience.

University Trained Music Teachers


Our one-on-one and group piano lessons are taught by our highly qualified teachers. Our entire faculty has extensive performance and teaching experiences. They undergo further training through the Music Institute of North Texas, with its unique pedagogical methods and philosophies to promote better technical foundations, music understanding, and musicality, which improve the student's learning experience.

Customized Lessons



Lessons are tailored to suit each student's individual musical goals and learning pace. No matter which path you choose, we will pair you with the appropriate curriculum and instructor to guide you through your musical journey.

All styles of music



We teach standard repertoire through engaging, age-appropriate materials by focusing on building a solid technical foundation and helping students understand and love music. At the same time, students have the choice of exploring and learning different styles of music, including classical, jazz, and popular genres. 

Events and Opportunity for Performance



We offer a large variety of performance opportunities, including recitals, festivals, auditions and competitions every year. They include but are not limited to, MSC recitals, National  Piano Guild auditions, Music Teachers' Association of California Certificate of Merit program, and local and state competitions. Our instructors are trained experts to fully prepare our students for these events. Students are encouraged to attend these events, as we believe goal-setting promotes progressive learning. However, students are never pressured or required to participate in any events if they choose not to.

Music Theory



All private lessons will include some topics in music theory. Since students have different interests or goals, we have divided our private lesson program into two paths:


The Budding Musician Program is designed for students who wish to take private lessons in a relaxed and recreational curriculum. Students have the option to participate in recitals, auditions and competitions, not including the Certificate of Merit program or the National Piano Guild Auditions.

The MSC Program is designed for more serious students who are interested in taking the Music Teachers’ Association in California Certificate of Merit (CM) exams (for piano, violin, viola, cello, and oboe) and/or the National Piano Guild Auditions. Students have the option to participate recitals, festivals, auditions, master classes, and competitions. They will have the opportunity to earn certificates, ribbons, medals, and trophies from participating in activities. The additional tuition charges reflect monthly group theory classes from September to February as an effective way to prepare for the CM theory test. Class schedules and topics will be posted online. Students will have several schedule options according to the classes offered for their level.