Tips For Parents



  • Playing an instrument requires development of muscular coordination and mental concentration, skills that are best acquired by consistent and careful daily practice.
  • Minimum practice time for beginners should be 30 minutes each day on average. This will increase as the student studies more difficult music.  Practice time may be split into shorter segments throughout the day.
  • Advanced students must practice at least one hour each day.
  • The student should have a certain time designated each day as practice time that the entire family respects. This is of utmost importance.
  • To achieve the above requirements, parental support and dedication are necessary. It is suggested that parent sit in on the practice time at least once a week. Parents of young students are required to “coach” their child in the practice time. Please visit our FAQ page for more tips on practicing.
  • Parents and the student need to reach a practice agreement before each school year. This may be achieved by using a "practice contract".
  • To encourage practice, MSC has a “100-Day Club” which rewards the student after 100 days of practice.


  • Learning to hear is a basic skill for musicians. Listening to high quality classical music is essential in order to learn music successfully. Students and parents are encouraged to listen to music as much as possible.
  • Preference needs to be given to the pieces the student is studying.  Students can purchase CDs from the teacher to this end.
  • In addition, students and parents should also enjoy listening to classical piano music and classical music in general.  Sacramento's public radio station KXPR-90.9 FM is a superb source for general listening.
  • We also suggest that students attend at least 2 outside recitals or concerts per year given by professional musicians. Please visit our links page to find information from local music organizations.

Equipment Needed at Home

  • A good quality and well-maintained piano, adequate lighting, a chair or a bench at correct height, and a footstool of correct height (if the student’s feet can not reach the floor) are necessary for attentive and accurate ears and fingers, a balanced body, and fun learning.
  • It is very important to have your piano tuned at least once or twice per year.
  • The student must have a metronome at home to help with their counting.