Course Descriptions

Introductory Courses 

These short sessions are a great way to try out our classes and teaching style. Students and parents share class time together to pick up the basics of solfege singing, rhythm activities, movement activities, and basic keyboard geography. We find students also benefit from the opportunity to adjust to a new learning environment. Intro classes are offered during the summer and between semesters for those wishing to join after the beginning of the regular semester and are helpful (but not required) before joining a full-length semester course.


Hello Music (Intro class): (Ages 3 to 4) Four 45-minute classes

Hello Music offers an introduction to solfege singing, rhythm, movement, finger games, and keyboard playing, and creative activities. Parents participate in class time and are guided in follow up activities. This program gives the child a strong readiness for continued musical involvement.


Music time (Intro class): (Ages 5 to 6) Four 55-minute classes

Music time offers an introduction to solfege singing, movement, rhythm, keyboard playing, and creative activities. This program gives the child a strong readiness for continued musical involvement. Parents share in class time.


Young Musician Primer (Intro Class): (Ages 6 to 8) Four 55-minute classes

Students learn beginning music concepts through singing, ear training, note reading, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, rhythm ensemble and creative activities. This course provides a strong basis for further musical study. Parents share in class time. Parents are fully involved in class and at home.


Semester Courses

Each book for the following courses is one semester. Fall semester is approximately September to January, and Spring semester is approximately January to June.

Toddler Tunes 1 and 2: (ages 2 to 3.5) 45-minute weekly lesson
Toddler tunes is a joyful first music experience. Your little one will start by singing, dancing and exploring the keyboard, with you beside her/him. You will learn fun coaching techniques so you can reinforce the concepts between lessons. Toddler Tunes includes a fun repertoire of finger-play, bounces, rhythmic patterns and lullabies. You get CDs and workbooks of catchy Harmony Road Tunes, designed to feature age-specific, layered musical exercises and rhythms. This building-block approach to music trains ears for better inner hearing and helps maintain the perfect pitch with which children are born. With toddlers, we build musical minds before musical hands. (Two 18-week courses)

Music in Me & More Music in Me: (ages 3.5 to 5) 45-minute weekly lesson
This dynamic readiness program is structured so that your child will learn to play music the same way he or she learned to speak-by listening, repeating and responding. Even parents or caregivers with no musical background can attend, take notes, and coach daily at home. Music in Me contains the basic elements of rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics phrasing and form. Concepts are learned through keyboard playing, solfege singing (naming notes using do-re-mi), movement activities and the use of rhythmic instruments. As your child develops a trained ear and learns to create and perform music in a non-competitive environment, he or she will develop coordination, concentration and self-confidence. This layered natural approach emphasizes the ensemble aspects of music and it is wonderful preparation for further studies. Parents are fully involved in class and at home. (Two 18-week courses)

Harmony Road: (ages 5 to 6) 55-minute weekly lesson
The Harmony Road course is carefully constructed for children to learn the basic building blocks of music. The emphasis is on ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, ensemble rhythm activities, movement and music creativity. This exceptional course gives the student “inner hearing”, which makes transposing, improvisation and composing easily accessible in their musical studies. The program makes the best use of the many orchestral and contemporary sounds possible on a digital keyboard. Parents are fully involved in class and at home. (Four books, 18-weeks each)

Young Musician: (ages 6 to 7) 55-minute weekly lesson
The Young Musician course is an age specific layered program, which introduces beginning students to keyboard performance and note reading. It is a holistic program which includes the organized development of pitch and rhythm, solfege singing, Keyboard and movement activities. Parents are fully involved in class and at home. (Four books, 18-weeks each)

Keyboard Prep: (ages 8 to 11) 55-minute weekly lesson
This age-specific layered program is similar in dynamics and curriculum to Harmony Road and Young Musician but upgraded to reflect the tastes and needs of the older child who is starting music for the first time. This holistic program introduces students to keyboard performance, note reading and music writing including the organized development of pitch and rhythm, through solfege singing, keyboard and movement activities. Parents are fully involved in class and at home. (Three books, 18-weeks each)

Keyboard Musician: (Advanced Course) 55-minute weekly lesson
This is an advanced course for those who have completed Harmony Road Book 4, Young Musician Book 4 or Keyboard Prep Book 3. Students continue to develop performance skills through the study of various repertoire style, technical studies, sight-reading songs and three and four part ensembles. Ear training is expanded to include dictation, recognition of tonal centers and chord progressions. Transposing becomes easily accessible. Students learn to accompany themselves while singing. Two-part singing and artistic repertoire encourage expressive musicianship. Harmonic training develops an understanding of accompaniment styles. In this program, students become acquainted with major composers and their place in musical history. They also receive step-by-step instruction in composition to develop their own creativity. Parental involvement is encouraged.

Piano Street: (ages 11 to adult) 55-minute weekly lesson
This program is designed to provide the older beginner with a comprehensive program of music study with the piano being the vehicle for application and performance. Solfege based note reading and sight singing to develop inner hearing, and learning to play, improvise and analyze chords and chord progressions within the context of written music are emphasized in this course.