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Harmony Road Music Course Offers:

An exciting, comprehensive early childhood music program, designed to help children discover the world of music through motivating materials and activities which develop the whole child. Hearing … feeling … moving … singing … creating … sharing … reading … and playing MUSIC … children absorb and store musical patterns and concepts for enjoyment and growth in all of their musical endeavors. Harmony Road Course's music, keyboard, and a piano curriculum is a group lesson program that includes parent involvement in each lesson, ensuring clear understanding both parent and child. This comprehensive early childhood music course gets children off to a great start and grows with them … year after year.  If you are looking for children’s music classes and lessons, Harmony Road will strike a perfect note.

The Harmony Road Music Course has evolved from a lifetime of musical involvement with children. Harmony Road founder, writer, and composer, Jan Keyser, developed the first courses in 1981 and has continued to provide high quality, research-based curriculum’s to fill the needs of young students and their families. Jan continues to research and develop music learning programs, advocate for early childhood music, and train and present at international and domestic venues.

Parent involvement is a key factor in student success. The Harmony Road Program guides Parents or caregivers in ways to keep the family in a musical “mode” at home.

The Harmony Road Approach

We teach total musicianship through singing, moving, rhythmic activities, keyboard playing, ear training, note reading and composing. Course materials are specifically designed for the developmental stages of children. We also provide a transfer of skills and enthusiasm in the classroom while the parents assist, enrich and direct each child's musical learning throughout the week at home. Our approach teaches students to understand music intuitively and creatively without sacrificing the formal aspects of music education. Try not to put unrealistic expectations on yourself or your children to learn too quickly. Everyone learns at a different pace and the key is to be able to enjoy the journey. It is our goal to provide the understanding and skills needed for each student to enjoy and appreciate music for a lifetime. Parents do not need any previous musical training as they learn along with the children each week. You might say adult lessons are free when accompanied by a child. Students who complete the advanced courses will be playing intermediate level piano music.

The Learning Environment

We focus on creating an environment which encourages teamwork and positive thinking so that children learn that making music is fun! It is our goal to provide the understanding and skills needed for each student to enjoy and appreciate music for a lifetime. Parents do not need any previous musical training as they learn along with the children each week. Parents fully participate in class time. All the courses use the European fixed "DO" solfege system. Solfege singing encourages a strong development of pitch and prepares the student for successful performing, composing, and arranging experiences. Because of this vocal approach to playing, students develop a great sensitivity for expressiveness, articulations, and balance of voices on the piano.

Getting Started

Free demonstration classes
This is a great opportunity to try out the unique class style of the internationally successful Harmony Road Program. The demonstration will consist of 20-30 minutes of sample course material followed by a brief informational session with open Q&A time, during which the instructor will answer all of your questions about class placement, scheduling, and the basics of how our system works. All ages are welcome. Demo classes are intended for child and parent (or caregiver) to attend as a pair, so be sure the student attends with you! Class space is limited; you MUST enroll online before attending.  Schedule a demo class now Click Here!

Parent Orientation
It is extremely important that all students new to the Harmony Road program attend a parent orientation meeting after enrolling in a full-length semester course. Even if you have taken other classes at MSC, you still need to attend the Harmony Road Course parent orientation meeting so that we can discuss with you in detail the specific goals of the Harmony Road program, the philosophy behind its development, why and how the method works, how it's different from other music education programs, what to expect throughout the early stages of the learning process, and your role in the student's learning process. Our director Huei-Ping Lin and group class teachers will discuss in detail all aspects of the program, including keyboard/piano issues such as what kind and size are appropriate. We will also give you an idea of where this program is leading and what kind of results we produce. The meetings are offered every semester and are one hour long. Once you have attended one parent orientation meeting, you do not need to attend any other meetings in the future. Please sign up on the sheet which will be posted in the classroom.

Class Placement

Activities in each course are designed based on the developmental stages of children, therefore class placement is based on age. The appropriate age range for each class is listed on our course descriptions page. If you have some musical experience and/or would like assistance in determining the most appropriate class for your child, please contact us.


Semester System

Fall semester is from September to January, and Spring semester is from February to June. If you are joining us after the first four weeks of the starting date, you may start with an introductory class until the beginning of the next full semester.



Our class schedule changes frequently, so please check our website often for the most current schedule information. Once you see a class you’d like to take, you can enroll directly online. You can also request a different class time if you have specific scheduling needs.


Our teachers are all trained and certified to teach the Harmony Road Program by the author, Jan Keyser. We work together as a team to bring our own unique ideas and experience to the classroom.


Once I’m enrolled, how do I know my class will be starting for sure?

We require a minimum enrollment of four students to ensure a good group feeling. The maximum is seven students. Once your class has reached minimum enrollment, your starting details will be confirmed with you via email or phone.


Do I need to attend this class with my child? 

YES! You are there as a role model for your child, to help them with keyboard activities, and to share this special music time with them. This is part of what makes the Harmony Road Course unique, and your presence makes a huge positive impact on your child’s learning process. 


Still Have Questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us. We will also discuss our program and course philosophy in detail at our parent orientation meetings, which are held at the beginning of each semester for students new to the Harmony Road course.


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