Introductory 55 minutes Classes (age 5-11) Four 55 minutes


Musictime can serve as an evaluation program to determine if a child is ready to continue into Harmony Road Book 1 curriculum which includes the use of finer motor skills (specific fingering on the keyboard) and beginning reading of melodic and rhythmic patterns. Emotional and social development should also be considered. If a child has not taken Harmony Road’s other readiness programs (Music in Me, More Music in Me), the instructor might recommend continuing with More Music in Me to help the child build readiness skills – musically, socially, and emotionally. This careful evaluation and placement will contribute greatly to the child’s confidence and enjoyment of his musical activities.

The Young Musician Primer is an intro program which gives parents and students an opportunity to experience the group-solfege-based style of learning. It is designed specifically for children ages 6 to 8 (first, second and third graders in school). Classes meet for four 55 minute sessions. This program gives the student a strong start and also provides the teacher with a way to observe and evaluate student readiness for continuing classes.

The Keyboard Prep Primer is Harmony Road’s introductory program for students from 8 to 11 years old (third through sixth graders in school). The course consists of four 55 minute classes. Parents or caregivers share in class time and at home activities. Even if parents have studied music – the multi-sensory nature of this class will keep everyone excited and motivated. It is important to involve parents because most have not experienced solfege ear training techniques so unique to this program.

This age group enjoys the social aspect of making music with their peers. The opportunity to play and sing together builds self-confidence and teamwork. Kids love performing for each other and look forward to collaborating on creative projects.

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