Piano Street (age 11 - adult) 55 minutes weekly

Piano Street is Harmony Road’s exciting recreational keyboard/piano program for teens and adults. This ongoing program meets in a small group setting 55 minutes weekly.

Beginners or students who are returning to piano playing learn practical and essential skills that will empower them to make their own music both as players, creators, improvisers, and collaborators. The relaxed small group setting is fun and supportive.  Older beginners are often overly sensitive and don’t want to make a mistake. In the group setting – they soon realize that others may be encountering similar problems with coordination, timing, and note reading. The group environment encourages sharing ideas, problems, and successes. Playing together also helps students feel the musical flow.

The latest brain research encourages adults to learn a new skill and playing and singing music has been shown to be very beneficial for overall wellness.

Highlights of the Piano Street curriculum include:
Experiencing the functional use of chords and accompaniment styles

Developing note reading and ear training skills

Learning to improvise and arrange your own music

Playing solos and ensembles in a supportive setting

Experiencing a variety of musical periods and styles

Developing creativity through composing and songwriting

Teachers must be certified to teach this program and should have good communication skills with teens and adults and a desire to provide an enjoyable, supportive environment for students. Complete lesson plans help the teacher layer ahead and prepare for new concepts, patterning, and coordination problems.

Most importantly – this age group wants to make friends, share music making, and have fun!