Our Teachers

photo Huei-Ping Chen Lin

Founder and director of the Music Stream Center, Huei-Ping holds a B.M. and M.M. in Piano Pedagogy. She has served as president of Davis Music Teachers' Association, president of Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) Sacramento Branch and Yolo County Branch and California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). She is a master teacher and an active adjudicator of MTAC, CAPMT and National Guild of Piano Teachers.  Her students have won numerous piano competitions statewide. (musicstreamcenter@gmail.com)


photo Bernadette Mondok

Bernadette Mondok was introduced to music as a toddler through the Harmony Road program and then continued her study of both piano and voice throughout the last 20 years. She was the winner in the VOCE Competition and the Young Artist Guild (the highest honor of CM program) of the Music Teacher's Association of California. Ms. Mondok has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from the Herb Alpert School of Music from the University of California, Los Angeles with a double concentration in Music Education and Vocal Performance and a Master of Music degree from the Conservatory of the Cleveland Institute of Music. Through her Music Education concentration, she learned choral conducting methods, and took vocal pedagogy and vocal literature courses. She believes that a choice of age-appropriate repertoire while learning proper breathing techniques and aural skills promotes the healthy development of a young voice. 

Ms. Mondok is a certified Harmony Road Music Course teacher. She is excited to teach the courses that began her musical journey.  She is confident that the skills developed in this program, such as ear training, Solfége singing, finger awareness, a keen sense of rhythm and harmony, ensemble, composition, and sight-reading, are essential to the lifelong enjoyment and understanding of music. She believes that a solid foundation in piano is important to effective and independent practice for all other instruments and voice learning. (btm44@case.edu)

photo David Thorp

David Thorp holds a B.M. in Viola Performance from the University of South Florida in Tampa and a M.M. in Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, New York City.  Currently, he is principal violist for the Apollo Orchestra, the Stockton Symphony, and the Auburn Symphony. He is a violin and viola instructor with the Bach Foundation and a Violist in the Apollo String Quartet. He has performed as a soloist with the Light Opera of Manhattan and the American Philharmonic Orchestra of Lincoln Center, New York. Mr. Thorp also served in the Cosmopolitan Orchestra of New York, Chamber Music on Nantucket and at the Aspen Music Festival Repertory and Philharmonia Orchestras and as a violinist in the Florida Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Throp is the Conductor of the Auburn Youth Symphony String Ensembles and teaches viola and violin at Music & More Arts Academy.     

Mr. Thorp stresses on the use of the natural balances eliminates the 'violin hold' and 'bow hold', as such, which are so often major causes of headaches, backaches and tendonitis. He teaches playing with balances of weight and swinging finger and arm joints. He also introduces ways to be aware of tonal and temporal spaces in music; which is, music defined. It helps the release of physical tensions, also the release of stage fright and mental anxieties so that players of all levels fulfill their potential. (dsthorp@yahoo.com)


photo Donna Lin

Donna graduated from Shih Chien University, majoring in piano and minoring in violin.   She was a music teacher at St. Dominic Catholic High School and DaRen Girls’ High School for 30 years.  While teaching music classes during the day, Donna also taught private piano lessons at home and at the Yamaha Music Foundation.  Along with a passion for teaching music, she also loves to sing.  She was a member of the Taipei Philharmonic Choir and the director of the choir for 14 years; with them, she toured around the world to participate many music festivals.  In 2006 she moved to US and began teaching piano at Music Stream Center.  Her goal is to teach students not only to play music, but also to appreciate and enjoy music so that music will enhance their lives. (hua77778@hotmail.com)


photo Jay Jay Whaley

From the moment his fingers touched the keys, his passion for the piano never ceased. Starting as a self-taught player, Jay Jay received formal training in the instrument at the University of California, Davis. There he performed as a soloist, played in chamber ensembles, and accompanied recitals for fellow musicians of various instruments. Besides piano, his other emphasis is composition. He received his Bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Music and Psychology in 2009, but his real passion is teaching. He loves to watch as a young piano student matures into a truly exceptional musician. He loves watching children experience that “Aha!” moment when they realize “This is fun!” From the youngest beginners to advanced adults, every student he has taught has developed a love for the instrument, the same love that he feels. Jay Jay believes that anyone can learn music and to play this beautiful instrument. (jcwhaleypanio@gmail.com)


photo Joseph Galamba
Joseph Galamba began his study of the violin through a Suzuki class at his elementary school with Ingrid Gaston and later with Kineko Barbini. He is a graduate of Indiana University where he earned a Master of Music in Violin performance and of the Oberlin Conservatory where he earned a Bachelor of Music and a BA with honors in physics. Throughout the years Joseph has performed as a soloist with orchestras, as a chamber musician, and as an orchestral player. Currently, he is performing as a First violin in the Stockton Symphony Orchestra and Fresno Philharmonic.
Mr. Galamba strives to always give positive, specific instructions and exercises to help his students get the most out of their practice time between lessons and has a personal interest in setting up the instrument to minimize physical strain. Special focus is given to the efficient use of the bow arm to facilitate expressive playing and on the relationship between the musical and mental challenges of performance and violin/viola technique. He works with students to develop a level of performance meeting the highest professional standards. He also encourages his students to be creative and explore their interest in music. He is well experienced in teaching methods of classical violin/viola to both children and adults. (Joseph.Galamba@gmail.com)
photo Laura Harrington

began playing piano at age 5. She discovered she wanted to play together with other musicians so she started playing oboe at age 12, after hearing it’s beautiful soaring tones in orchestral music. She continued to study oboe and piano throughout high school, and then earned her B.M. degree in oboe performance from the University of California Santa Barbara. Her professional performing experience includes concerts with the new World Symphony, Rio Hondo Symphony, and most recently the newly formed Veridian Symphony based in Yuba City. She has taught music for over 8 years in China, Taiwan, and at Music Stream Center, and has developed an affinity for the Harmony Road Music Course as a contemporary, effective, and enjoyable method for creating well-rounded musicians who can sing and hear the sparkle of every phrase they learn. She is currently a certified judge for the MTAC's Certificate of Merit oboe program. (laura9162003@yahoo.com)

photo Melanie Bietz

Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Melanie Bietz has performed solo concerts throughout the Midwest and California and has collaborated in performances with instrumentalists, vocalists, and dancers. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and a Master of Music degree in Performance from California State University, Sacramento, where she studied with Richard Cionco and Lorna Peters. While at CSU, Sacramento, she distinguished herself by performing a solo recital of the music of Frederic Rzewski at the Festival of New American Music. Ms. Bietz has devoted the last several years to music education both through her teaching and her involvement with the Music Teacher’s Association of California and National Piano Guild. Currently, she teaches piano at the Music Stream Center in Davis, California. (melanie.bietz@gmail.com)

From 2016 MSC Faculty Concert (9/24)


photo Mica Phan

Mica Phan is a violinist from Davis, California. She began to learn the violin at age 7 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Sacramento State University, studying with Anna Presler. She received teacher training as a CSUS String Project Teacher Apprentice and has been teaching privately for 4 years. Mica developed a personal appreciation for chamber music, leading to participation in summer festivals and workshops such as the Vianden International Music Festival and CalCap Chamber Workshop, and coaching youth ensembles such as SYS Chamber Music Workshop and Solano Youth Chamber Orchestra. She has been a member of various ensembles such as CSUS Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Capistrano Baroque Ensemble, Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra, and Camerata California Chorus and Orchestra.

Mica loves working with children and passionately believes that the personal and shared experience of music can positively enrich human development. She strives to empower her students through music so they can understand the value of hard work and focus, which will equip them to independently utilize those skills anywhere in life. (mica.phan@gmail.com)

photo Michael Silva


Michael Silva has been teaching classical guitar for over seven years. He has both a Master degree and B.M. in guitar performance from California State University Sacramento, where he studied with Grammy nominated guitarist Richard Savino. He is also Suzuki certified and has taught students of all ages. Michael believes one of the most important aspects of being a musician is sharing music with others through teaching and performing. You can watch his past performances on youtube at www.youtube.com/user/msilvassj4/videos. (msilvassj4@yahoo.com)

From 2016 MSC Faculty Concert (9/24) 

photo Nga-Man Silva

holds a B.M. in piano performance from CSU, Stanislaus, and a M.M. in piano performance from CSU, Sacramento. She became interested in left hand piano music when she injured her right hand while practicing. This unexpected injury has made her highly conscious of the way we approach the piano while playing and practicing, and because of this, in her teaching, she pays special attention to and places emphasis on playing in ways that reduce the chance of injury. (nchoatmsc@gmail.com)

From 2016 MSC Faculty Concert (9/24)


photo Sasha Kachugina

Sasha has been an active cello and piano teacher, performer, and chamber and orchestral musician since 1992. For almost twenty years, she has been inspiring children and adults to touch the mystery of music with their fingers. Sasha believes that beautiful, expressive gestures connected with our emotion and the power of imagination create precious musical moments, and music makes us all, children and adults, into better, more creative, more intelligent, and more empathetic people. She holds a B.M. from Russia and an M.M. from CSU, Sacramento. Sasha has been a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California since 2000. (sasha.kachugina@gmail.com)