Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Free Demonstration

This is a great opportunity to try out the unique class style of the internationally successful Harmony Road Program. The demonstration will consist of 20-30 minutes of sample course material followed by a brief informational session with open Q&A time, during which the instructor will answer all of your questions about class placement, scheduling, and the basics of how our system works. All ages are welcome.

Guitar/Ukulele Camp

Students can choose to learn either guitar or ukulele. They will learn how to play chords, songs as well as develop important technical skills. The camp will include instrumental instruction as well as the opportunity to perform with others. This camp is designed for beginning through intermediate players of either instrument.

Singing Camp

Singing Camp at the Music Stream Center is designed for all children who love to sing! Together, we will explore healthy breath support, vocal warm ups, clear diction, and confidence in performing. Let's have fun together singing music from all genres: Disney movies, Broadway musicals, choral pieces, Pop songs, and more!

Music Explorers Camp (age 5 and up)

A fun and creative way to not only introduce music to children, but is suitable for children who have had previous music instruction as well. The goal of the camp is to provide children a strong readiness for continued musical involvement. The camp topics include : piano, voice, rhythm instruments instructions, music reading, ensemble, music appreciation, composing, conducting, musical games & crafts. Each camp has different creative themes and can be repeated.

Introductory Class - 45 mins

These short sessions are a great way to try out our classes and teaching style. Students and parents share class time together to pick up the basics of solfege singing, rhythm activities, movement activities, and basic keyboard geography. We find students also benefit from the opportunity to adjust to a new learning environment. Intro classes are offered during the summer and between semesters for those wishing to join after the beginning of the regular semester, and are helpful (but not required) before joining a full-length semester course.

Hello Music (Intro class): (Ages 3 to 4) Four 45-minute classes

Hello Music offers an introduction to solfege singing, rhythm, movement, finger games, and keyboard playing, and creative activities. Parents participate in class time and are guided in follow up activities. This program gives the child a strong readiness for continued musical involvement. 

Introductory Class - 55 mins

Music time (Intro class): (Ages 5 to 6) Four 55-minute classes

Music time offers an introduction to solfege singing, movement, rhythm, keyboard playing, and creative activities. This program gives the child a strong readiness for continued musical involvement. Parents share in class time.

Young Musician Primer (Intro Class): (Ages 6 to 8) Four 55-minute classes

Students learn beginning music concepts through singing, ear training, note reading, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, rhythm ensemble and creative activities. This course provides a strong basis for further musical study. Parents share in class time. Parents are fully involved in class and at home.

Keyboard Prep Primer (Intro Class): (Ages 8 to 11) Four 55-minute classes

This age specific layered program is similar in dynamics and curriculum to Harmony Road and Young Musician but upgraded to reflect the tastes and needs of the older child who is starting music for the first time. This holistic program introduces students to keyboard performance, note reading and music writing including the organized development of pitch and rhythm, through solfege singing, keyboard and movement activities. Parents are fully involved in class and at home. 


Private Lessons - Continuing Group Student Only

This option is convenient if you are taking lots of trips this summer and need very flexible scheduling.  The student will work with the teacher individually, using lesson material that will be chosen to suit each student's unique needs.  The student can learn music to keep minds sharp and hands strong for piano, whether it's classical tunes, popular tunes, traditional tunes, or anything else the student has an interest in learning.  Schedule will be based on the student's availability.  You can sign up for 4 lessons, 8 lessons, 12 lessons.