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MSC Program

The MSC Program is designed for students and families who are looking for a customized program tailored to their individual studying pace and interests. Theory lessons and 30-minute Lab time are options to be included in all the private lessons. Students have the option to participate in different events throughout the year, including recitals, festivals, auditions, master classes, and competitions, with the opportunity to earn certificates, ribbons, medals and trophies when participating in activities.

For more serious students, we offer preparation for the Music Teachers’ Association in California Certificate of Merit (CM) exam (for piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, harp and oboe), MSC Guitar evaluation, and the National Piano Guild audition.

Minimum Lesson Length Requirement for CM students:

CM Level Prep. to 2                  30 mins lessons

CM Level 3 to 5                        45 mins lessons

CM level 6 and up                     60 mins lessons 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons: MSC Program