Toddler Tunes 3
Lany De La Campa
Music Stream Center (location map)
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
08/24/19 - 01/11/20 (18 weeks)

Toddler Tunes is a joyful first music experience. Your little one will start by singing, dancing and exploring the keyboard, with you beside her/him. You will learn fun coaching techniques so you can reinforce the concepts between lessons. Toddler Tunes includes a fun repertoire of finger-play, bounces, rhythmic patterns and lullabies. You get CD's and workbooks of catchy Harmony Road Tunes, designed to feature age specific, layered musical exercises and rhythms. This building-block approach to music trains ears for better inner hearing and helps maintain the perfect pitch with which children are born. With toddlers, we build musical minds before musical hands.  (Two 18-week courses)

Upcoming Meetings
11/16/19    11:15 AM Saturday 11/16/19 11:15 AM
11/23/19    11:15 AM Saturday 11/23/19 11:15 AM
11/30/19    <None> Saturday (Thanksgiving Break) 11/30/19
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12/07/19    11:15 AM Saturday 12/07/19 11:15 AM
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01/04/20    11:15 AM Saturday 01/04/20 11:15 AM
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