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Reminders of September/October

Hello, MSC Families! MSC wishes that all of you are having a good beginning of the new school year. There are some important dates updated on the NewslettersThe enrollment of class 2017-18 will be open throughout the year.

  • MSC Teachers' Recital: 9/30, @3:00PM
  • Parents Seminar (private lesson): 9/23, @4:30 PM
  • Parents Orientation (group class): 9/20, @7:00 PM, 9/23, @3:00 PM
  • Musicianship Week (private lesson ONLY): 9/25 ~ 9/30 - contact your teacher for details


Summer Recital

2017 VSA International
VSA, the international organization on arts and disability, has announced the winners of 2017 VSA International Young Soloists Competition.
Kohlin Sekizawa is one of them! Congratulations !!! 
Enjoy Students Performances

Please visit Our Students. More new photos and videos are added througout the year.

Students on news

2016 National Piano Guild Audition news article is updated on our Press Page and Students Achievements page. Congratulates on all of you who finished auditions successfully this year!!! 

Calendar 16-17

Online Calendar for 2016-2017 is updated on our website, please check it out when you make your schedules.

MTAC Panel Honors Recital

2016 MTAC State Conventional Recital was held at LAX Hilton on July 1~5. The video of MSC students performances are posted on our 2016 Students Achievements, please visit and enjoy their beautiful performances !!

Celebration Recital

You can watch some photos and videos from Celebration Recital now!! Please visit our 2016 Students Achievements page and enjoy!!  We send a big applause to you all~~

2016 MSC Summer Classes

Registrations for summer classes 2016 including summer camps are now open!  Flyers for Summer Programs are available also. All of our summer programs - Chinese Zither Camps, Guitar/Ukulele Camps, Junior Music Camp, Introductory Classes, Keyboard Orchestra, and Private Lessons - are offered this summer. For more information, please visit our  new menu "Summer 2016" for more information.


2016 MSC Spring Recital

Sending a big clap to you who performed 2016 MSC Spring Recital! Awesome!! Your photos and videos are updated on 2016 Students Achievements, please visit and enjoy it~~~


2016 Certificates of Merit News

Congratulations on all those who win the  Certificates of Merit 2016! The News of CM 2016 is on the Daivs Enterprise newspaper now. You can read it HERE or click the photo below then it will be shown.



MSC Newsletter was issued on March 15, 2016. It includes greetings from our director and many news from MSC. You want to see now, please click HERE, or if  you want to receive it by email, please make an account at our Registration Page

2016 Guitar Honor Recital

Bravo!!! To all our guitar players who performed in Guitar Honor Recital !! Please check our updated 2016 Students Achievements. 

Update for registration

Update information available for registration and enrollment, please visit our Registration Page or Facebook Page for details.

Welcome New MSC Teachers

Emma Turnbull (voice)
Noah Byrd (Guitar)
Karen Vincent (Harmony Road program)

2016 Winter Recital

Congratulations to those who performed in the Winter Recital! Bravo!! You can meet them at Students' Achievements 2016 ! "updated"

2016 CAPMT Honor Festival

Congratulations, Benjamin Flin and Kevin Pan !! Chosen at the CAPMT Northern Honor Festivals!   You can meet them at Students' Achievements 2016 !

Group Class Celebration Recital

You can still watch Group Lesson Celebration Recital also!!

Try Our Group Class Program!

Have you heard about our fun, motivating, total-musicianship approach to music education with the Harmony Road Music Course? Want to try it out? Find out all the details about our demonstration, introductory, and full semester group classes!

Coupon Offer

The Davis Green Machine coupon book is featuring a $10 off coupon for lessons at MSC (new students only). Click HERE to print your coupon!